How to change the “Leave a comment” prompt on a website

Karthik asks…

“Is it possible to change the ‘Leave a comment’ text to something else that’s personalized to the content of the site?”

It sure is! In your WordPress Admin dashboard, go to Settings > Discussion and scroll right to the bottom of the page. Under the “Comment Form” header, enter new prompt text and click Save Changes.

Update Feb 2017: You may not see this option on the mobile version of WordPress Admin. If so, switch to desktop instead.

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29 thoughts on “How to change the “Leave a comment” prompt on a website

  1. These are the only headers available under settings > discussion page

    Default article settings
    Other comment settings
    E-mail me whenever
    Before a comment appears
    Comment Moderation
    Comment Blacklist

    • You don’t have the following headers underneath those (further down the page)…

      Follow Comments
      Follow Blog
      Avatar Display
      Gravatar Hovercards
      Maximum Rating
      Default Avatar
      Comment Form (Prompt)


      • Yah. Got it.

        There are two different settings panels.

        One by clicking settings> Discussion.
        Other by hovering over settings> Discussion.

        I got the full list by hovering.

        Thanks again for your help.

      • That’s very odd! On all the websites I administer, both the clicking and hovering routes takes you to the same (full length) page — the web address is the same. All websites should function the same way as they’re all running on the exact same platform. So that’s a real mystery. Ah well, at least you can now change the prompt :-)

        Best wishes,

      • Wow, that’s a real curiosity. Would you mind emailing the two links to me? Naturally, I won’t access them, but I’m curious to try and work out what’s going on there.

      • I’ll mail them. Not immediately, but later. Really sorry about this – we are on different time zones. It’s about 1.30 am here.

      • No need to email the links! I think I’ve worked out what’s going on. I suspect you’re using the centralized system where you can easily jump around different sites you own/administer. If you edit Settings > Discussion from there, you only get the headings / options you mentioned. If you access Settings > Discussion from the Dashboard of your website (what they call WP Admin) you also get the additional headings / options I mentioned. I wish they would keep it simple — users now have two different ways to use and it just complicates things unnecessarily, in my opinion.

  2. Aaah! Thank you for this! I was googling it, and the first hits were all several years old (some were 10 years old) and all told me to do complicated things that I couldn’t understand. Which I know wasn’t right because I *was* able to change it a while ago, but then I forgot. I’m reblogging this to try to push it up in the search results.

  3. I can’t seem to find this option on my self-hosted wordpress. Would anyone know if this is only available for

    • Hi Nandan, you could try updating your WordPress version to the latest, if you haven’t already. If this doesn’t do the trick (or you’re already up to date), you could try searching your theme’s files for the phrase that is currently being shown above your comment form (often “Leave a Comment” or “Leave a Reply”). You can change the phrase, upload the file to your server and hopefully this will do it.

      A good place to look for the phrase is your comments.php file, which I think is part of your theme files (as opposed to the WordPress “core” files”). I’m a bit vague on this as it’s been a while since I dealt with self-hosted WordPress installations. Hope this helps.

    • Hi Nicolette, check your Settings > Discussion page in WP Admin. The third check box “Allow people to post comments on new articles” should be checked. If it’s not, check and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

      If the option above was already checked, it might be that your individual posts have got comments switched off. When editing a post, scroll down until you see a Discussion panel. “Allow comments” should be checked. If not, check it and update the post. Hope this helps. Let me know :-)

      All the best,

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