I’m loving OBS Studio to do screen recordings

This is really just a handy little thing I discovered and thought I’d pass it on, in case it’s useful to you.

I was in need of a way to show someone how to do something online and it was kinda hard to explain on a phone call or text.

So I thought… what I need is some sort of screen recording software so I can just show them in a little video. So I had a quick google, fully expecting all options to be expensive.

But I quickly found something called OBS Studio. It’s brilliant not just because it’s easy to use but also because it’s free (it’s open source).

I find I’m using it more and more just to quickly show people how to do things. It would be perfect for anyone who needs to do the same, or for making little tutorial videos, if that’s your thing.

Just recently I even used it to make a permanent recording of a TV show, because I knew it would soon disappear from the channel’s player/website. Very handy!

So yeah… if you’re in need of such a thing, I definitely recommend OBS Studio.

Best wishes,

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