“Follow” button not appearing on Action Bar

action-bar-hgThe Action Bar is that little strip that appears at the bottom of your WordPress website (see image). The visitor can tap Follow to enter their email and receive new posts.

If your site is new, you may have encountered the frustration of the Follow button not appearing. The reason is simple. You have to have published at least 2 blog posts!

I think the logic is that if you’re using WordPress as a regular type website, not a blog, there’s no point allowing people to Follow.

I disagree. That little function effectively allows you to build an email subscriber list. Very useful for keeping people in touch with your business with news, special offers, whatever you like.

It means you can email subscribers simply by publishing a new blog post. The blog itself doesn’t even need to be visible on your site, if you wish.

Finally, while we’re talking “all things action bar” you can hide it altogether if you wish, using the following CSS…

#actionbar {
display: none;

If you’re self hosted, you can add CSS to your header or style sheet no problem. If you’re with WordPress.com like me, you can only add custom CSS on the Premium plan or above. At time of writing anyway… no doubt it will change again in future. :-)

Hope this helps, let me know below…

Best wishes,

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