Why does my email address appear on my own contact form?

Olivia asks…

“When I add a contact form and preview it, it shows MY email address in the ’email’ field. Is that visible to viewers? How can I view my pages as they appear to other people? Thanks!”

It’s because you’re logged into WordPress.com.

When you visit ANY website that’s been built on WordPress.com, your details will automatically populate the fields of the contact form — this of course includes your own website. It’s just to save you the trouble of entering them.

You can test this by visiting my contact page. You should find the form fields auto-populate with your details.

To see a website through the eyes of a “normal” visitor, log out of WordPress.com by hovering over your user image near the top-right of the screen (on a laptop anyway) and clicking “Sign Out”.

The form fields will appear blank to a “normal” visitor, as you’d expect. Because I like to stay signed in, I use a completely separate browser (in my case Firefox) to view my websites through the eyes of a regular visitor. Hope this helps!

Best wishes,

13 thoughts on “Why does my email address appear on my own contact form?

      • Can you HELP me!? I haven’t been on this site for ages and just wanted to add a few pictures to my gallery page, and suddenly, I only have 2 pictures showing, and all the rest are disappeared!!! Can you help me revert it to earlier, and tell me what I’m doing wrong?

      • Thank you so much. I’m slowly getting reacquainted……so many changes! Do you know why I have not been able to successfully get into my pages, etc (they won’t load) so I can make changes, on Chrome browser? Been this way for many months!!

      • That’s very strange. There’s no reason Chrome should cause a problem. I use Chrome myself. You could try disabling plugins and/or making sure it’s up to date with the latest version.

      • Also, my page has changed (Gallery) so that it is only one picture (I can’t choose ) per line, and no longer can one click to enlarge nor see any info! What happened?

      • Have a look at the following page…


        Under the heading “Adding a Gallery or Slideshow”, you’ll see a note at the end that says “If you select Individual Images, this will not create a gallery, but instead it will add the images to the page as though you had added them one by one. It isn’t possible to convert from Individual Images into a gallery style.”

        So it appears that your gallery has somehow changed to displaying Individual Images. You may be able to edit the gallery and change the option to one of the others such as Thumbnail Grid, Tiled Mosaic and so-on. If not, you may unfortunately need to just delete them and re-add them as a new gallery.

      • I’m so sorry I never responded to thank you. I didn’t get a notification you had responded and I have been crazy busy. I understand that the former theme I had has gone away. How do I make a new theme? I am looking for a similar (gallery) style, but can’t find where? Help. I’m lost here. Thank you for all you do!

      • I can’t seem to find the last interchanges a month or more ago about how my Motif theme is defunct and I’m all messed up now. Is there another theme you know of like that for artists to display pictures that can be clicked to enlarge? Agghh. I just never have time for any of this! I have people who want to buy my paintings and see them, but I’m a starving artist so I can’t afford to invest $$ right now for someone to design a site for me. You’re probably fed up with me :-( but I do appreciate any help you can give me! Olivia

      • Are you still there? HELP!
        I am paying for a site I have been unable to successfully use because my old “gallery” theme became obsolete and I cannot find a substitute.

        What I want is a site where I can display images, sized as I want, that are clickable to enlarge. Eventually, I want to know how I can sell through my WP site as well.

        James Riddett was very helpful in the past and hoping he can still help me. I need to do something with this site soon, or give up!


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