A free “launch” masterclass

A while ago I unsubscribed from nearly all internet marketing stuff… Information overload!

But I did stay subscribed to one guy —  Jeff Walker. He’s ethical, keeps things simple for beginners and gives away plenty of great info during his launches.

He’s all about bringing “events” into your business, even if it’s a purely online business. This is what gets attention, and of course boosts sales.

He usually has a workshop once a year. But this year he’s teaching a free LIVE online Masterclass, and even answering questions live.

The first of the four lessons is this Thursday, 12 September.

There will also be recordings available afterwards, but only for a limited time.

If you go here to register, you’ll get a reminder on Thursday…


After all the free training, Jeff will undoubtedly promote his “Product Launch Formula”. If you buy it, I will receive a commission. I’ve no idea how much.

Enjoy the free training and let me know what you think!

All the best,

The future of content marketing

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a blogger and you’d probably like more visitors. :-)

It’s harder than ever to get your blog posts and articles seen. What worked even in 2005 is no longer enough.

The “king” of content marketing is Neil Patel and he’s just posted this article about where it’s all heading:


The big message is this: Include your own stories and experiences in your posts. It’s the only way to be new and different — and of course it builds a relationship with your readers.

My brother Michael did this very naturally on some of the Happy Guide articles and it definitely lets you know that there’s someone real and helpful sitting behind the keyboard.

Best wishes,

Why does my email address appear on my own contact form?

Olivia asks…

“When I add a contact form and preview it, it shows MY email address in the ’email’ field. Is that visible to viewers? How can I view my pages as they appear to other people? Thanks!”

It’s because you’re logged into WordPress.com.

When you visit ANY website that’s been built on WordPress.com, your details will automatically populate the fields of the contact form — this of course includes your own website. It’s just to save you the trouble of entering them.

You can test this by visiting my contact page. You should find the form fields auto-populate with your details.

To see a website through the eyes of a “normal” visitor, log out of WordPress.com by hovering over your user image near the top-right of the screen (on a laptop anyway) and clicking “Sign Out”.

The form fields will appear blank to a “normal” visitor, as you’d expect. Because I like to stay signed in, I use a completely separate browser (in my case Firefox) to view my websites through the eyes of a regular visitor. Hope this helps!

Best wishes,