How to disable comments on’s image carousel

Jane asks…

“I have successfully turned off comments on all my pages. However, where I have an image gallery and someone clicks on an individual image (which I hope they will do, to scroll through and read captions), they are invited to comment in the image carousel. Aaaaarrrrrrgh. I have spent hours trying to figure this out. Any ideas?”

If you go to Settings > Discussion, uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles” and Save Changes, any images added after that, will have comments disabled.

Unfortunately, it won’t affect any images already there. For those, you’ll need to disable comments manually… 

~ Click on Media
~ Click on an image
~ Click the little “Edit more details” link at the bottom
~ In the Discussion section, uncheck “Allow comments” and then click Update
~ Repeat as needed, for other images

If you can’t see the Discussion section while editing the image, click on Screen Options at the top right of the page, and check the Discussion box.

Below is an example of an image gallery with the comments disabled on all three images. Click any image to bring up the image carousel. You’ll see there’s no comment box underneath any of them. Click the little X top left, to close the carousel and return to this page…

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5 thoughts on “How to disable comments on’s image carousel

  1. This method did not work for me; for whatever reason there is no “Discussion” section when I click “Edit More Details” on an image through wp-admin. Even less information is given when using the customizer to try and edit details for the image.

    In order to remove the comment box and link, I added the following into my “Custom CSS” box;

    visibility: hidden;
    visibility: hidden;

    Now the comment box is gone and there is no link above the “View Full Size” link. I did not need to replace it with anything. Check out and click one of the gallery images to see how this looks. I also disabled the metadata for the images in Jetpack Settings.

    • Hi divecdi, thanks for the alternative solution. However, your issue should be quick to solve. If you’re not seeing the Discussion section when you click “Edit more details” it’s probably just a Screen Options setting. If you click Screen Options at the top of your screen, you will hopefully see an unchecked Discussion box. Check it and that section should instantly appear on the page. Hope this helps!

      • You are correct, I was completely unaware of the Screen Options menu and the discussion box was unchecked. Thank you for your help!

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