Disabling comments and linking to social media

Jasmine writes…

“Love your theme!! I’m using it on my new website :) I’m a little stuck how to get rid of the ‘Leave a reply’ boxes at the bottom of every page!

Also I’d quite like to link it up to facebook and twitter — and maybe even have a twitter column where I can post spiritual quotes etc… Do you think any of this would work with me using your theme? Look forward to hearing from you when you have time…”

Thanks Jasmine but Motif isn’t my theme so I can’t take credit! :-) I was helping someone who was struggling with it and realised there were plenty of others struggling too, so I posted up a little guide. 

Disable comments

Disable comments by going to Settings > Discussion and untick the “Allow people to post comments on new articles” box (don’t forget to “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page).

This will mean new posts and pages won’t have comments enabled by default. To switch off comments on your existing posts and pages, you’ll need to edit each one individually. Scroll down the Edit page ’til you reach the Discussion section. Untick the “Allow comments” box (and the other one too). Don’t forget to Update the page/post. 

Integrate Facebook and Twitter

There’s a widget for showing a Facebook Like Box and also one for Twitter, which I believe displays your latest few tweets (I have’t tried it). If you want to use these though, you’ll need a widget area — usually a sidebar. I noticed your pages are set to full width, so you have no widget area at the moment.

Alternatively, if you just want little icons that link to your social media accounts, it’s literally just a case of inserting the images into your page(s) and adding a link to them.

To get new posts to automatically publish to your social places, check out WordPress.com’s Publicize feature:


The following pages guide you through embedding a Twitter “Follow” button, and actual tweets, into a post or page (amongst other things):


Hope this helps. Let me know :-)

All the best,

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