Your on-page SEO checklist

A question I’m asked a lot is…

“How do I make my content as Google-friendly as possible?”

In terms of on-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I believe the big stuff is…

  • Use your keyword phrase in the title of your post
  • Use your keyword phrase near the beginning of your post and then whenever’s natural

However, when writing a new blog post or article, it would be nice to know that you’re checking as many of those on-page SEO boxes as possible.

I just discovered this brilliant infographic by the very dedicated Brian Dean that serves as an “on-page SEO checklist”. You might like to check out the original post too, as he gives a little more information on each element… 

All the best,

4 thoughts on “Your on-page SEO checklist

  1. I recently learned the power of using authority sites as outbound links. It also adds more value to your content for the reader, which encourages them to share it on social media. It’s a win-win strategy.

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