Images not working on the front page slider of the InfoWay theme

Katharine asks…

“Trying to set up a slider on the InfoWay theme front page. The instructions say we only need to choose a tag. I did that. Then tagged one of my posts. It formed the slider and included the name of the post, but not an image. Is it because I had five images on that post? If so, how can i fix?”

It looks like you’ve followed all the setup steps except assigning a Featured Image on the post. The image size should ideally be 950px x 363px. When you’re editing the post, the Featured Image section is in the right-hand sidebar, probably at the bottom.

If you can’t see it, you may need to click Screen Options (top right) and then check the Featured Image box. It should then appear on the sidebar.

Here’s InfoWay’s official support page for anyone looking for more details…

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