Images not working on the front page slider of the InfoWay theme

Katharine asks…

“Trying to set up a slider on the InfoWay theme front page. The instructions say we only need to choose a tag. I did that. Then tagged one of my posts. It formed the slider and included the name of the post, but not an image. Is it because I had five images on that post? If so, how can i fix?”

It looks like you’ve followed all the setup steps except assigning a Featured Image on the post. The image size should ideally be 950px x 363px. When you’re editing the post, the Featured Image section is in the right-hand sidebar, probably at the bottom.

If you can’t see it, you may need to click Screen Options (top right) and then check the Featured Image box. It should then appear on the sidebar.

Here’s InfoWay’s official support page for anyone looking for more details…

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How to make text flow around an image in WordPress

Olivia asks…

I am trying to figure out how to wrap text around photos and I found info that said I have to open my “theme directory?” and add css code to it? Where the heck is that? and why is it so hard to wrap text around a photo?

Good gracious no! It’s actually very simple, when you know how :-) When adding an image to a post, after upload, look for the “ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS” on the right hand side. You might need to scroll down a bit, but there’s an “Alignment” setting. If you select Left, the text will flow to the right of the image, and vice versa.

You can change the alignment of an existing image by clicking on it, and then clicking on one of the alignment icons. Here, the “left align” icon is pressed (just above the first word “Lorem”).

Alternatively, you can also click the little pencil icon that appears over the clicked image, to bring up the full Edit screen, and change the alignment in the Display Settings. Hope this helps, let me know :-)

Here’s’s guide to image alignment, in case anyone needs more info:

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How to disable comments on’s image carousel

Jane asks…

“I have successfully turned off comments on all my pages. However, where I have an image gallery and someone clicks on an individual image (which I hope they will do, to scroll through and read captions), they are invited to comment in the image carousel. Aaaaarrrrrrgh. I have spent hours trying to figure this out. Any ideas?”

If you go to Settings > Discussion, uncheck “Allow people to post comments on new articles” and Save Changes, any images added after that, will have comments disabled.

Unfortunately, it won’t affect any images already there. For those, you’ll need to disable comments manually…  Continue reading

Disabling comments and linking to social media

Jasmine writes…

“Love your theme!! I’m using it on my new website :) I’m a little stuck how to get rid of the ‘Leave a reply’ boxes at the bottom of every page!

Also I’d quite like to link it up to facebook and twitter — and maybe even have a twitter column where I can post spiritual quotes etc… Do you think any of this would work with me using your theme? Look forward to hearing from you when you have time…”

Thanks Jasmine but Motif isn’t my theme so I can’t take credit! :-) I was helping someone who was struggling with it and realised there were plenty of others struggling too, so I posted up a little guide.  Continue reading

Do PDF downloads log on your stats?

Yes they do :-)

I knew that when somebody left-clicks a PDF link (so it opens in their browser), it logs on stats. But I wasn’t sure about those times when people right-click and download the PDF to their computer.

So I ran a little experiment earlier and yes indeedy — PDF downloads DO also log on your stats. This is good news because it gives you an accurate picture of how many views your PDF documents are getting, regardless of whether your visitor views them in the browser or on their computer.

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