How to show only the first part of a post on your blog page

Ragini asks…

“Really appreciate your post on how to set up motif for WordPress. But our blog page isn’t truncating the posts, it’s showing the whole posts. After reading all the directions neither of us could find any place other than under Settings > Reading, but there seems to be no setting for truncating the posts. Just wondering what we are missing!”

It was a good idea to look in the Settings but in fact, this is done on the Edit Post page. Place the cursor where you want the post to be truncated and then click on the little “Insert More Tag” icon. You should get a line appear across the editor, to show that this is the cut-off point…

When you save the post and then view your Blog page, the post you edited should have a “Continue reading →” link at the correct point.

Because it’s done on a post-by-post basis, you can “cut off” each post wherever you like. You can go back and insert a More tag into your existing posts, if you want to :-)

Hope this helps — let me know how you get on.

All the best,

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