PayPal showing old email address on customer emails

You sell a product through PayPal and need to update the email address customers see on their Thank You page and email receipt. But despite adding the new email address, making it primary and deleting the old address entirely, your customers are still seeing the old email address.

What’s going on?

Turns out, the email address being shown to your customers is your customer service email address. I do remember PayPal asking me to enter a customer service email address at some point… which I duly obliged. So how do we update that address? 

All the answers I found by Googling this problem told me I could update my customer service email address in Profile > Business Information. But when I visit that section, there’s no field for customer service email. I’m sure I’ve seen it there in the past, but for some reason PayPal no longer displays it.

So in the end I had no choice but to contact PayPal, and a technician manually updated the customer service email address for me. Very strange!

Hope this helps :-)

All the best,

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