How to remove the featured images from the subpages under a grid page, on the Motif theme for

Ok so you’ve created a grid page by creating subpages with titles, excerpts and featured images. The trouble is those featured images also appear on the subpages themselves — probably not what you want.

Well you can remove them with some simple CSS. You’ll need the Custom Design upgrade for this, but you can try it out first by going to Appearance > Custom Design > Preview for free (in the CSS box). Then in the CSS input box, paste in this code…

.page-child .attachment-motif-page-thumbnail {display: none;}

Before this code was provided by, I’d worked out this (slightly less elegant) way of achieving the same result. So if for any reason the above code doesn’t work for you, give this a try instead…

.entry-thumbnail {display: none;}
.grid-row .entry-thumbnail {display: inherit;}

Let me know how you get on :-)

All the best,

How to customize the white text box on the Motif theme’s front page template

Patricia asks…

“I found your Motif tips very helpful, but do you know how I could reduce the overall size of the white Front Page title box?  The box covers an important section of the Featured Image that I want to use. Thanks if you can help! :-)”

Luckily, a chap called Richard from The Sacred Path has provided us with the answer, as well as how to remove it or shift it over to the left hand side. I’ll reproduce his code below.

You’ll need the Custom Design upgrade if you haven’t already got it, but you can try out the code and see the effect, before purchasing. To do this, go to Appearance > Custom Design. On the CSS panel click on “Preview for free”. Click on Try It and then click on CSS. Delete all the informational text and add your code… Continue reading

How to setup the front page template on the Motif theme for WordPress

wordpress motif themeThe screenshot of the Motif theme for WordPress looks great. But how do you actually get your own website to look like this?

Short version

~ Create a new page that uses the “Front Page” template and a featured image of at least 1,140 pixels wide.

~ Tell WordPress to use that page as the static front page. The title and content of the page become the “insert” within the image. The rest of the page is all done with Widgets.

Long version

~ Create a new page and enter the title and content you want to appear on the home page, as the “insert” in the large image.

~ Under Page Attributes, choose the “Front page” template.

~ Under Featured Image, upload an image 1,140 pixels wide or more. This will become the large background image.  Continue reading