Do PDF downloads log on your stats?

Yes they do :-)

I knew that when somebody left-clicks a PDF link (so it opens in their browser), it logs on stats. But I wasn’t sure about those times when people right-click and download the PDF to their computer.

So I ran a little experiment earlier and yes indeedy — PDF downloads DO also log on your stats. This is good news because it gives you an accurate picture of how many views your PDF documents are getting, regardless of whether your visitor views them in the browser or on their computer.

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Understanding your stats if you have a static front page

If your site has a static front page (as we do at Happy Guide), you may have noticed something a little odd in your stats…

There appears to be two “home” pages logging! Here’s why…

One entry in the stats is the name of the page that is set as your front page. If you hover over this entry and look at your status bar (bottom left of your browser window), you’ll see it links to your static page’s original location.

This will be or, or something similar, depending on what you originally entered as the page’s permalink.

Then there’s another entry in the stats called “Home page / Archives”. If you hover over this entry and look at your status bar, you’ll see it links to your site root —

So which one actually tells you the number of views of your home page? It’s the FIRST one — the entry that refers to your static page. Continue reading