How to setup the front page template on the Motif theme for WordPress

wordpress motif themeThe screenshot of the Motif theme for WordPress looks great. But how do you actually get your own website to look like this?

Short version

~ Create a new page that uses the “Front Page” template and a featured image of at least 1,140 pixels wide.

~ Tell WordPress to use that page as the static front page. The title and content of the page become the “insert” within the image. The rest of the page is all done with Widgets.

Long version

~ Create a new page and enter the title and content you want to appear on the home page, as the “insert” in the large image.

~ Under Page Attributes, choose the “Front page” template.

~ Under Featured Image, upload an image 1,140 pixels wide or more. This will become the large background image.  Continue reading