How to remove the featured images from the subpages under a grid page, on the Motif theme for

Ok so you’ve created a grid page by creating subpages with titles, excerpts and featured images. The trouble is those featured images also appear on the subpages themselves — probably not what you want.

Well you can remove them with some simple CSS. You’ll need the Custom Design upgrade for this, but you can try it out first by going to Appearance > Custom Design > Preview for free (in the CSS box). Then in the CSS input box, paste in this code…

.page-child .attachment-motif-page-thumbnail {display: none;}

Before this code was provided by, I’d worked out this (slightly less elegant) way of achieving the same result. So if for any reason the above code doesn’t work for you, give this a try instead…

.entry-thumbnail {display: none;}
.grid-row .entry-thumbnail {display: inherit;}

Let me know how you get on :-)

All the best,